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Mesh WiFi systems are popular today, and for good reason. Mesh networks use upgraded technology as compared to the traditional WiFi router setup and allows for the successful connection of dozens of devices at once. What’s more, a mesh network handles these simultaneous connections far better than a traditional WiFi router.

For your home or business, a mesh network can create a stronger overall WiFi network than you might otherwise have. The mesh technology boosts signal strength among each of the pieces of hardware in the network, eliminating the dead spots that often plague WiFi networks. Mesh can reduce the problem of dropped connections, too.

One of the originators of mesh networks is eero. This company has been making mesh network hardware and software for several years, and it has multiple models available to match your WiFi needs, including hardware that uses the recently released WiFi 6 standard. In this guide, we discuss the key features you need to understand when shopping for the best eero WiFi system.


Let’s discuss how mesh networks work and how eero systems work. You then can determine whether one of these systems would suit your needs.

How mesh networks work

Before mesh networks, there were traditional routers. If you have a home where the bedrooms and media rooms are spread far apart, the signal from a traditional router may not reach every room with useful signal strength.

In this case, you could add extenders to your traditional WiFi router network. A WiFi extender captures the signal from the router and boosts it to create a greater coverage area. However, extenders can be tricky to set up and use, and they don’t carry as much power as the original router. Because an extender can be a weak link in a network, in many circumstances, mesh is preferable.

A mesh network uses more than one piece of hardware to push the wireless signal throughout the home, much like a traditional router and extender. Each piece of the mesh network has the same level of power and connectivity, which simplifies setup and guarantees a smoother signal strength everywhere.

How eero mesh networks work

An eero network uses patented TrueMesh technology to deliver the benefits of mesh. You place the eero devices in different locations in your home, allowing the signals from each device to overlap slightly, guaranteeing full coverage.

As part of TrueMesh, eero uses software to manage the network, meaning it happens automatically. The software measures the data usage on the network and the types of devices that make connections. It also places devices on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band automatically, depending on the needs of the device.

After running the data through algorithms, TrueMesh adjusts its performance to deliver higher data speeds to the areas of the home that see the most traffic.

Should TrueMesh measure a problem in a certain portion of the network, it adjusts the performance of the hardware devices to ensure an uninterrupted signal.

You can control your eero WiFi system through a mobile app, which further simplifies the process of installation and system monitoring.


Here are some troubleshooting techniques to help you set up and run your eero network.

  • Forcing a 2.4 GHz connection: If you have a 2.4 GHz-only device, you can temporarily hide your 5 GHz band through the eero app to force the device to connect to the 2.4 GHz band.
  • Forcing a connection to a particular eero device: If you have a multi-eero device network, you may find that some of your computers or mobile devices connect to a piece of eero hardware that is farther away. The best way to fix this issue is to turn the mobile device or computer off, wait a few seconds, and turn it on again. It will then connect to the eero device that can give it the best speed (which, depending on how the network software is managing the network, still could be one that is farther away).
  • Resetting an eero device: To reset one of the pieces of eero hardware, unplug the unit from its power cord for about 30 seconds. Then plug it back in. The hardware should undergo a reset. Newer eero devices also may have a reset button on the back of the device.
  • Moving an eero device to a new location: If you want to move one of your eero devices to a new room in your home, just pick it up and carry it to the new spot. After plugging it back in, use the eero app to determine its signal strength. If the signal is weak, it may need a new location.
  • Setting up a new eero network: When you are creating an eero network with multiple devices in the setup, you should plug the gateway eero device to the modem first and set it up. Then set up your additional eeros one device at a time rather than turning them all all at the same time.
  • Using an Ethernet connection: eero devices have Ethernet ports on the back. If desired, you can connect one of your devices directly to any piece of eero hardware with an Ethernet cable. This can be helpful for a device that has significant bandwidth needs, such as a streaming video device.
eero mesh WiFi system
  1. Whole-home coverage – An eero 3-pack is a whole-home WiFi system that replaces your router and covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  2. Works with Alexa – With eero and an Alexa device (not included) you can easily manage WiFi access for devices and individuals in the home, taking focus away from screens and back to what’s important.
  3. Works with your internet service provider – Eero connects to your modem to bring your existing internet connection to every corner of your home.
  4. Set up in minutes – The eero app walks you through setup in less than 10 minutes and allows you to manage your network from anywhere.
  5. Don’t let WiFi slow you down – Get the most from your WiFi by streaming, gaming, and working from anywhere in your home.
  6. Gets better over time – Automatic updates keep your network safe and secure.
  7. TrueMesh technology – Eero intelligently routes traffic to avoid congestion, buffering, and dropoffs.
eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with
  1. Whole-home Wi-Fi 6 coverage – an eero 6 system covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. with wifi speeds up to 500 Mbps.
  2. Say goodbye to dead spots and buffering – eero’s mesh wifi technology adapts to your space—so you can confidently stream 4K video, game, and video conference across your home.
  3. Supports 75+ devices – eero 6 uses the power of Wi-Fi 6 to increase the capacity—and efficiency—of your network.
  4. Set up in minutes – The eero app walks you through setup and allows you to manage your network from anywhere. Plus, free customer support is available 7 days a week.
  5. Connect to Alexa – eero 6 doubles as a Zigbee smart home hub, making it easy to connect and control compatible devices on your network with Alexa.
  6. Gets better over time – Automatic updates bring the latest and greatest in wifi while also keeping your network safe and secure.
  7. Easily expand your system – With cross-compatible hardware, you can easily add eero products as your needs change.
eero Pro mesh WiFi system
  1. Whole-home WiFi system – The Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system (1 eero Pro + 2 eero Beacon) replaces the traditional WiFi router, WiFi extender, and internet booster by covering a 2-4 bedroom home with fast and reliable internet powered by a mesh network.
  2. eero 2nd generation – With the most intelligent mesh WiFi technology and powerful hardware, the eero 2nd generation WiFi system is 2x as fast as the original eero WiFi. Backwards compatible with 1st generation eero products.
  3. WiFi extender – The eero Beacon is a full-fledged WiFi access point that simply plugs in to standard outlets and easily extends your WiFi connectivity to every device with more reliability than the standard WiFi booster.
  4. Mesh network – Powered by proprietary TrueMesh technology, the eero mesh WiFi network leverages multiple wireless access points to create an incredibly dependable internet experience, all on a single mesh WiFi system.
  5. Quick & easy setup – Replacing your old WiFi router has never been easier than with the eero Pro mesh WiFi system. Setup takes minutes and the companion mobile app makes managing your home WiFi simple and intuitive.
Certified Refurbished
  1. A Certified Refurbished eero Pro is refurbished, tested, and certified to look and work like new and comes with the same limited warranty as a new device.
  2. eero Pro router/extender – The eero Pro mesh router replaces your traditional WiFi router. A single eero Pro is a perfect start for any home and can be paired with another eero Pro or eero Beacon to quickly add coverage as needed. eero Pro is backwards compatible with 1st generation eero routers.
  3. Pro-grade WiFi – With the most intelligent mesh WiFi technology and powerful hardware, the eero Pro features tri-band technology making it 2x as fast as the original eero router. With two gigabit Ethernet ports, easily connect your eero Pro to your favorite devices or additional eero devices for the fastest in-home speeds.
  4. Cutting-edge WiFi – Unlike common wireless routers and access points, eero Pro automatically updates overnight so you always have the latest security and features.
  5. Mesh network – Powered by proprietary TrueMesh technology, eero Pro WiFi systems leverage multiple access points to create a mesh network to provide your home with incredibly reliable internet, all on a single system.
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